How do I join someone else's group album?

There should be a link in the original invitation email you got asking you to join your friend's group album. If you click the link in the email it should take you directly to the desired group album. If you don't have an account with us yet you will have to create one first in order for the link to take you straight to your friend's group album. You can always return to the initial email after you've created an account.

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    Virginia Hedberg

    I created an account - but a link was not listed in the email. What do I do?

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    i created an account, but when a click on the link:
    "Sorry, the invitation link has expired. :(

    If you know the person who sent the invitation, you might want to ask them to invite you again. "

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    Sarah Kohl

    I was invited by two different members of a group to join and did not receive an email for either invitation. My junk folder is also empty so its not there either. I have created an account of my own, I just need to figure out how to join someone else's group if I cannot receive an invitation. 

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