I'm not seeing all or any of my groups anymore

If you recently signed in and found that you couldn't see your albums, or are not seeing all of your albums in one place, there is an easy way to fix that.

It is more than likely that when you signed in, you accidentally or inadvertently signed in with a different email address than you used previously. This could be for many reasons, like:

  • You forgot which email address you signed up with, and signed up with a different email address.
  • You thought you used this email address before (but in reality it was another email address)
  • You signed in with Facebook initially, and then later tried to sign in with an email/password.

In all of these cases, what happened is: You had an account with Email 1 initially. Later on, you inadvertently have created a new account with Email 2. (When you use Facebook to sign in, Facebook gives Cluster the email address associated with your Facebook account, which may not be the email address you use day-to-day.)

To fix this, you can simply add the different email addresses to your current Cluster account. If any of those addresses belong to other Cluster accounts, you will be able to merge them in, so that you'll end up with a single Cluster account.

In the iOS and Android apps:

  1. Tap the profile icon in the groups list
  2. Tap your name
  3. Tap "Add another email..."
  4. Enter your other email addresses.
  5. If these are new email addresses, you'll receive confirmation emails to that newly added address. Clicking the link in that email will confirm that you own that email address.
  6. If the email address belongs to an existing Cluster account, you will be sent confirmation emails to both your primary address and the new address you added. Clicking the links in both of those emails, will merge the accounts.
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    Prakash Velayutham

    I am logged into the web site using the same email address that my iPhone app is using. The group is visible in the app, but not in the web site. I think the issue is something else.

  • 0

    I am not seeing the November pictures

  • 0
    Gerrit Roos

    same problems as Prakash and it seems no one on cluster is willing to help , send a couple of emails but no answer 

  • 0
    Robert Valencia

    It keeps giving me an error message and won’t let me see anything or get invited to any.

  • 0
    Carol Verburg

    I got an email from Tripcast to view a new photo in my Road Scholar group, but suddenly, for the first time, clicking the link takes me to Cluster which says I don't have access & must be let in by a member. None of the instructions above are relevant, & anyhow, they don't work -- there is noplace in my profile to add another email address! I wish Tripcast had not hired this gatekeeper which is Cluster-fkg its members.

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    ian ibbetson

    I'm not receiving the verification email?

  • 0
    Sheema Mehta

    Not receiving verification email

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