Can I choose the focal point of a cover banner?

At this point there is no way to choose the focal point of the cover banner after you've selected your photo, however this is a feature we're considering adding in a future version of the app. 

For now, we suggest generating a square image with the content you want as the focal point in the middle. To help you understand how the cover image is cropped, we've attached an image: 


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    Demetria White

    Do you have cover dimensions that you can share in pixels?


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    Please, I've played around with sizes for headers ever since I started using Cluster and have not found your size's bad enough problem that I'm tempted to delete and look for another app. Should be an easy answer. In the meantime I'll build square headers!

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    Kathi Beaudet

    It looks like it's been a few years now...are you able to share the dimensions for the headers? 

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