How can I invite a large group of people? (i.e. for a wedding or event)

We make it easy to send a mass invitation link to send out to a large group of people. You can find this link in a couple different places:

When you create a new space you are sent an email with a mass-invitation link listed at the bottom of it. Copy that link and share it with those you want invited to the space. They can click that and be taken directly to the space.

Within the app you can find the invitation link if you go to the specific space's Settings (by selecting the gear-wheel icon in iPhone, and slider control settings icon in Android) and select "Share With a Large Group", which will provide a url that links back to that space. Just click "Share Link" or copy it to your clipboard to be shared however you like!

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    Stephen Hartley

    Is that not a security vulnerability - once the group's link is known, anyone can register and join the group - accounts are not cross-checked against any whitelist as far as I can tell...


    If this is the case, then this is an example of "security through obscurity" which is not "a good thing"...

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