How do I download just ONE of the photos from a group album onto my phone (for future accessibility outside of the app)?

At the foot of the photo you are trying to download you will see three dots (directly to the right of where you can comment). Click on the three dots. Click "Save Photo" and it will give you the option to save it in low or high resolution.

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    Craig Hollywood

    Where do the downloaded files go? I cannot find them on my device.

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    Daniella segal

    Hi. Each time it says download is complete but I cannot find the photo on my device.

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    Nick Mathews

    Same as the above 2 comments, click download and select resolution and it even says 'image saved' but it is absolutely nowhere on my device. Have uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted data and cache and accepted all permissions. For some reason it won't save images anywhere?

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