How do I add video to a group album?

Currently the video upload feature is only available via the app (i.e. not via the web). To upload a video using the app: 

In the group album you want to add a video to select the icon to add content (Android: the icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen of a photo with a plus sign; iPhone/iPad: the blue button with the plus sign in the middle of the task bar at the bottom of the screen.) Then select the "Video" option when it asks you what you would like to share.

Video uploads have a time limit of 15 seconds, which you will be asked to trim after uploading (if the file you selected is too long).

At this point we do not support animated .gif files.

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    Jeff Henshaw

    Feature request / recommendation: videos are a weak point in Tripcast right now (only supported on mobile, and then only 15s clips). How about just allowing us to enter a YouTube URL into our trip, and you can embed that video in the trip view? YouTube is state of the art, and it'd be great to leverage that for full-length videos.

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    Any plans on supporting animated GIF files? Google photos does nice animations which I would like to share to Cluster.

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    Dan Mitchell

    WHY?!!!! 15 seconds? I was planning to move to cluster after Moments plan to shut down. 

    Going to have to find another service. FUMING.

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    Knut Harg

    Two other limitations worth mentioning:

    1. Videos cannot be played on the web interface, only on phone, iPad etc. They display, but only as a still photo
    2. The "time taken" does not survive the transfer, placing the videos at one end of the gallery when sorting according to "time taken". 
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